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DVB Logic Digital TV tuner system for Comand NTG1 & NTG 2


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DVB Logic Digital TV retrofit kit for COMAND NTG1 and COMAND NTG2, includes aerials and wiring.

MPEG-2 DVB-T Digital TV tuner system

This is a retrofit kit to allow the installation of the TV system on cars with Comand NTG1 or Comand NTG2

It consists of the new DVB-T Digital tuner, wiring kit and a windscreen antenna set. We also include the optional IR Remote Control as it makes it easier to set up the TV system

This DVB-T Digital TV tuner can be used to replace an existing Analogue TV tuner although you will have to modify the kit's wiring to install this unit and either use the supplied antenna or make up a converter to use the existing car antenna.