Here are a selection of the Testimonials we have received from our customers

The disk was well received in good time to be my Christmas present, and installed easily without any significant delay. All working well. Many thanks & best wishes for 2018.
J. Hyde - January 2018

This is great Haven't quite figured out how to use the phone book yet but at least everything is now on the COMAND screen and connected to the steering wheel controls. Thank you for all your help and advice.
C. White - December 2017

I followed your instructions and it seems to have done the trick! Many thanks for your help with this.
Rashmi Y - November 2017

Thank you for all the work you have done, I must say that communication has been first rate and I wonít hesitate to recommend/use your services again should the occasion arise.
J. Barnes - November 2017

It works!!! You are the best!!!!! Thank you.
F. Curletti - October 2017

Thanks for taking the time, Your reputation goes before you.
Stephen. C - October 2017

Amazing response! I'll call up and order tomorrow. Thanks very much
M. Buck - September 2017

Thanks for a quick response I have just ordered the disc.
R. Howell - September 2017
Great service, thanks! Just ordered one.
S. Groves - September 2017

Thanks for the info and the support from your company, excellent customer service.
Jim - August 2017

Great service, thank you for your time and take care.
V. Vadgama - August 2017

Many thanks for retrofitting cruise control to my Mercedes B200 (W245). It works very fine and I am really very pleased of your service with guidance. Greatly appreciated indeed.
P.K - July 2017

Just to say thanks for delivering the spare part for my SL63. It arrived safely.
P. Stacey - July 2017

Thanks a lot for your follow up and excellent customer service.
A. Werner - June 2017

Mark, youíre a genius. Merc hadnít a clue, and I was all set to have to take the car in for a day. Problem solved. Anywhere I can Ďrateí you?!
Ed N - May 2017

I have to say your response is infinitely better than anything I have experienced here in Australia. Whilst perhaps not the message I wanted to hear I really do appreciate the customer service. We own and run the best restaurant in the known galaxy [Mon Ami in Fitzroy, Melbourne] and have for 14 years. The reason we survive in a very competitive environment is simple customer service. People taking the time to answer queries is rare especially when there is no money to be made. And, at least I now know the inputs are RCA now all I have to do is find the tuner, plug in extensions to the cabin and serenely watch 'stuff'.
Jon L - May 2017

Thanks for your help, Mark - excellent and prompt service.
Nick B - May 2017

Thank you thank you thank you you are the best you are the best you are the best have a good day.
N. Dad - April 2017

Just a quick line to state that I am very happy with the service and the uncommonly kind price you offered me for the tv screens.
Wishing you well in your business.
S. Martins - March 2017

Thanks for good customer service (as always).
Daniel B - February 2017

Mark, Thanks for your help everything worked great! You're your kit was awesome.
J. Hawkins - January 2017

Wow, that is great service and very much appreciated!
Dougie - Jan 2017

Mark, thank you. Much appreciated. My apologies again for messing you about. You are a gentleman.
J. Smith - December 2016

Just wanted to message you to say thanks for the work carried out on my A-class.....Fantastic work really happy with the work carried out and your hospitality. Folding mirrors work off the key spot on, puddle lights and dimming mirror all good and the seats are great. Once again thanks
D Miller - November 2016

Thanks for that Mark, and for replying so promptly on a Sunday night. I now know what the wife can buy me for Xmas
David W - November 2016

Thank you very much for all the answers. Extremely good service.
Brian H. - November 2016

Mark I cannot thank you enough. The system works truly perfectly and it is entirely due to your patience and politeness. Whenever I come up to London I will take you for a pint of pig's ear (= beer, if you are unfamiliar with the lingo).
Alekos - September 2016

Hi, thanks sincerely for your info, much appreciated in light of the fact that I said I wouldn't be in favour upgrading... As a fellow businessman, this says a lot about your business ethics that you would respond in such a way. I will of course bear you in mind for future stuff.
Mark F - July 2016

Thank you very much I just read what you say about fake dvds , I download a copy for my Honda civic 2006 and having problems copyed to a good make disk but the same problems download ok ,slow on startup sometimes and works ok for about 5-10 mins and then dvd error , Sometimes dvd error straight away been looking all over the internet for help some people say it firmware problem and a copyright in the player stoping it from working, but then I googled it and found what you say makes so much sense as when I put the genuine dvd never had a problem at all , thank you so much,, a seller of copied disks was trying to tell me to clean my lens as in a few months if it cant read copied disks it would stop reading my genuine disk,, thank you.
Chris - July 2016

Thank you so much for sorting the DAB, great job and so far working perfect.
M. Flinders - July 2016

I'm astonished at the quick response, especially on Sunday, so thank you so much.
David - July 2016

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job that you did fitting the electric folding mirrors to the Mercedes B Class. My wife is thrilled, it's going to make her life so much easier. Thank you again for a trully professional service.
P. Townsend - May 2016

Fitting completed. Thank you very much for your precious help and best advise. Continuous communication even after purchase is rare nowadays. I have the music from iPhone and now phone system which are completely fulfilling my expectations. I will advise with pleasure your company to everyone who will search for your product range.
N. Radujet - May 2016

I thank you for your perseverance in helping me to sort out the installation. I could not have done it without you. I think it was a first class job for both of us.
A. Pappas - May 2016

Your feedback has kept my sanity I would love to review your company on line if you have a link as the service from you has been amazing ... And it's a Sunday wasn't expecting to hear from you till next week
A Levy - May 2016

I really appreciate your commentary and also note that you have taken time out on a Sunday to write as you have.
Terrific service and I am most grateful.
A. Robson - March 2016

Thank you very much Mark, very impressed with the great communication!
N. Lake - March 2016

Hello and good morning Mark, I cannot thank you enough for your attention to my problem. I have my own business and to find someone who cares enough to attend to and help a customer with such a small problem is exemplary.
Simon G - January 2016

F.A.O Mark. Many thanks for the excellent info and service, Disc installed not lost any more many thanks.
T. Weightman - August 2015

Thank you for your speeedy response and excellent customer service
R. Reeves - August 2015

Just wanted to say thanks for quick delivery. My item arrived today and it was really easy to install! Thanks again for your help
C. Ambrose - July 2015

No-one could fairly accuse you of being anything other than totally genuine! Many thanks.
Andrew Z - June 2015

Arrived this morning. What great service.Works a treat.Thanks for your help and advice.
Nick - June 2015

Just wanted to confirm that I have received the cable today and it works perfectly, really happy with the quality of the product and the quick delivery and good customer service.
If there is anywhere I can leave a good review please let me know and I will happily do so. Thanks again!
Robbie L - May 2015

Thank you, Mark Great service in my opinion.
A Stefansson - May 2015

Excellent service and really responsive.
M. Gatehouse - May 2015

This little note is to extend my gratitude to you and your team for all your help and support at all times, I really appreciate it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
N. Alli - April 2015

You are very kind, Iíll recommend your company to some of my Mercedes owning chums.
S. Callaghan - March 2015

Thanks a lot! Incredible support,
Maurizio - February 2015

Order received on Saturday morning, which was opened along with my birthday cards and presents!!! Very easy to fit and phone working through dashboard controls!!!
Many thanks for your help and advice.
Matthew H - February 2015

Many thanks for fitting the replacement GPS part to my Merc today. Excellent service.
Richard H - February 2015

Thank you Mark, Your company has an excellent reputation and the speed of your reply confirms this. I will order one today :-)
E. Blaney - January 2015

Thank you for your excellent service getting these items out before Christmas at such short notice.
H. Monk - December 23rd 2014

I received the cable this morning. Pleased to say the iphone5/ipod5 cable does work with an IPhone 6
A. Malcolm - October 2014

Giving me the right advice and guidance first time round was the reason i returned to you on this occasion in order of making a purchase from yourselves.
A. Nisar - October 2014

Sir, Many thanks for the quick delivery of my PC5200 latest map. Works perfectly.
P. Shirley - October 2014

Worked a treat Mark. Great service. Thanks.
B. Smithson - October 2014

Really appreciate doing a special order for me and assisting me in this matter. Great service.
Boris - October 2014

Thank you very much for your help today. The blue tooth system works brilliantly with my iPhone and also being able to stream my music is just excellent. So glad I made the effort to come and visit you to upgrade my ICE.
S. Gardner - September 2014

Hello. Just a quick email to say..... Thanks for all your help today really pleased with the service. Nice to meet you both and I was so impressed with the level of knowledge. I will recommend you to anyone I know. Worth traveling as in the long run it will save time and hassle rather than let other people fumble about not really knowing what they are doing. There are merc specialists, merc dealers then a massive gap and you guys at the very top. Many thanks
R. Roberts - August 2014

Amazing service response pal thank you and thank you for educating me.
P. Ritchie - July 2014

I made a post on line but also wanted to thank you here for the great job with the DAB unit. Wow what a difference! Great reception little or no drop out in places where the Pure unit was silent and all fitted with supreme efficiency and a warm welcome, I love the total integration into the comand system. Thank you Mark for some excellent advice and a great job.
Richard L. - July 2014

I got it, tested and everything works ok. I can't begin to tell you how I appreciate your quick and very understandable replys/ responses. Now when I have the extra money I'd like to get all the bells and whistles like iPod kit and multimedia interface plus (I think it's "plus"). Again THANK YOU GUYS So much!!!
David - July 2014

Hi, just a few words to express how impressed I am with your service. Bought the discs on Friday, arrived next day. Discs working perfectly ! Very pleased with the purchase and would recommend you to any future customer
C. Kirk - July 2014

Sorry to have bothered you but great customer service!
R. Akroyd - June 2014

Hi Mark, Thanks for sorting my car this morning. A good honest fair priced service thank you.
D. Wyeth - June 2014

Hi Mark, And thank you for the quick response! I know its late but I was just checking my emails before bed and saw this. Thank you soooooo much - It bloomin' well worked! You Are a Star My Friend! Have a fab day because you have made mine!
S. Bone - June 2014

Thanks again for your great customer service and advice - I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for MB av products and help.
P. budge - June 2014

It (viseeo MB4) arrived AOK today thanks for the super fast service.
D. Madden - May 2014

You guys have been a GREAT help and offer a GREAT SERVICE
D. Adams - South Africa May 2014

Sir, Many thanks for the very fast delivery of my recent order for an update to my PC5200 system. Works perfectly.
P Shirley - May 2014

Once again just a thank you for the great customer service on Saturday.
S. Clark - April 2014

I received the satnav disc delivered promptly last week loaded into the comand system where it did exactly what was expected :) Many thanks for the assistance, Excellent advice and prompt service.
A. Childs - April 2014

Many thanks for all your help and great customer service.
S. McDermid - April 2014

I meant to say...thanks so much - it works perfectly and my wife was most pleased... and with the Bluetooth unit too!
J. Marsden - March 2014

Thanks for the prompt reply and info. Much appreciated. I have placed an order for the 2 items. Your reputation for service preceeds you on the forums.
Richard T - March 2014

Thank you for a great service disc arrived this morning and is installed and working.
N. Handscombe - January 2014

Sorry to disturb You, but just wanted to thank You again for Your advice, I finally got the car yesterday and today got the CD out (somebody had inserted a selfmade bad quality CD), a moment ago I ordered form your shop the CD You pointed would be suitable for my car.
J. Nevalainen - January 2014

What a commendably detailed response - very many thanks
S. Bramley - 31st December 2013

Great support, christmas day aswell - Thanks.
B. Unger - 25th December 2013

Item posted Saturday arrived this morning (Monday), more importantly ...it works. But then you knew it would Merry Xmas
G. Adie - 23nd December 2013

Thanx for the fast response and superb customer service as always:-)
Morgan B - Sweden - December 2013

My last purchase with your company was excellent and was very pleased with the quality and outcome of my retrofit.
Christian G - Australia Decemeber 2013

I even fitted the media interface plus last week and it's the best feature on this whole system right now, streaming pandora through Bluetooth is amazing. It feels like I have a 2014 Mercedes. If you don't have it yet you should get it ASAP.
Mike - December 2013

Just wanted to say thanks again. It works perfectly. You really know your stuff. I've messed around trying to find a Bluetooth solution for months.
W Helton - Australia - November 2013

Mark, I thought I'd get back to you to let you know that you were absolutely correct, and that both cars just needed their firmware updated. We now have the Comand system sat nav working in both cars, which makes a big difference. Thanks again for your help, and your excellent service.
T. James - Australia November 2013

Thanks so much for your superb support as always.
Osman - November 2013

Thanks a lot!!!! Great support and I'm a happy customer!
Thomas O - November 2013

Many thanks, The MB3 works really well (once I had worked what to do with all the leads)!
M Allen - October 2013

Just a short note to thank you for the retrofit work done on my CLK. The phone system is now working brilliantly; a great service -thanks very much. I would certainly recommend you to anyone needing work on their Mercedes audio, phone or nav systems. I will certainly use you again
R. Langstaff - October 2013

Hi. Thanks very much and all complete now and very good instructions. Thanks again.
J. Davies - September 2013

Great - thanks for the quick response. Very impressed!
M. Woodward - September 2013

Excellent service thank you - great delivery and item works well at first try !!
P. Carter - September 2013

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the work you guys did on my ML. I am very happy with the service, communications, pricing and your knowledge of these systems is obvious. I am more than happy to recommend you and your company for this type of work.
Thanks again
S Morley - August 2013

Thanks for all your help mark, amazing service.
Wonderful service :)
J. Large - August 2013

I must say your service is second to none. regards tony
Tony F - August 2013

I just had to say how impressed I am with your ordering process and excellent customer care. I have ordered two items from you so far and they have both arrived next day. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service 10/10 brilliant !
Tim D - June 2013

You little beauty!! Its so easy when you know how. Thank you so much, I have been trying to do that for tha last 6 months and nobody I asked knew how. Obviously asking the wrong people!! If I wasn't in West Yorkshire; I'd call in and buy you a pint!! Cheers and thank you once again .No hesitation in recommending you to my friends and collegues, many of whom work in the motor industry.
M. Stott - May 2013

Many thanks for your comprehensive response to my comments about the folk-lore surrounding the issues of updating Mercedes COMAND maps. Your identification of the update disk required will be most helpful. Again, with my thanks for your response
J. Hedley - April 2013

I just wanted to say thank you for your help over the telephone with sorting out the installation of the mCar system you sold me for my SLK. I never would have ended up looking in the boot to disconnect the OEM built-in phone kit from the MOST bus without your advice. First class service!
C. Winter - April 2013

Thanks for all your help mark. Very concise instructions and instills me with confidence in commandonline. You seem like the only genuine mercedes parts/upgrade website around :)
V. Pancholi - March 2013

Just a short thank you for assisting me in purchasing my Mercedes Bluetooth kit MB 3000.
May I say that in this day and age your service was indeed exceptional. I said to my wife upon return that you certainly proved that there are still 'Human elements' left in us in this robotic age that we live in. You went that extra mile and for me it was a pleasure parting with my funds :)
I wish you all every success in your business, and when I'm next in your area next time, a bottle of fine wine would be heading in your direction.
E. Elias - March 2013

"All fixed and fully working. Comand Online have done it again. Don't know how we survive without you."
J Harley - February 2013

"Brilliant. I will get on with ordering the unit from you - probably tomorrow now.Thanks for everything - A GREAT example of outstanding customer service."
K. Phillips - February 2013

"Antenna arrived yesterday and I must say couldn't have been simpler to fit. Followed your instructions and Sat Nav working A1 again. Thanks very much for your service, rest assured I will recommend Command Online Ltd to friends and colleagues.
Malcolm S - February 2013

"Appreciated. I have ordered one. Thanks for your help and prompt response"
P Moloney - January 2013

"I just wanted to thank you for the very quick service with fulfilling my order. Many thanks,"
N. House - January 2013

"Thanks for such quick and accurate advice. The MB3000 cradle works a treat. Super fast next day delivery. excellent'
S. Khan - January 2013

" You guys really are THE most knowledable of all the internet resellers ive tried. Thanks for the kit it works just as expected."
J. Storey - January 2013

"After a disaster with a cheap copied satnav disk im pleased to report your genuine disk fixed my reading problems. Thank you."
Simon T - December 2012

" I was told that I didnt need a retrofit kit for my comand. Having spoken to you and seen your kit with the ducting and fans I see why it is needed. thanks for all your help"
James T - October 2012

"My decision to purchase your Product had as much to do with your quick, accurate, and competent response to my technical question as it did with the Product itself. I hold your company in the highest regard as far as customer service goes. Mark was very helpful and polite, pleasure doing business with him. I would recommend them to others. Once again Thank you"
M. Silva - September 2012

I just wanted to tell you that I received the cradle yesterday, and it works perfectly! :-) Amazingly easy to install and the quality is perfect. Thank you for great customer support and help with this cradle.
A Sorensen - Jun 2012

Thank you, you have been of great help. I will make the purchase today.
S Sallam - June 2012

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the hands free. It was so easy to install, set & use.
J. Burns - June 2012

Just wanted to thank you. Installation would have been very difficult without your product. Super fast shipping to the states thanks.
Joe - Miami - fl - USA

Thank you both for your well above required efforts last night. I am massively grateful
A. Piercy - ICECAR Limited - April 2012

Thank you so much for your very prompt attention to my order. The cradle arrived this morning and is now installed and working perfectly. I really do appreciate the way in which you responded to my request.
R. Atkinson - April 2012

Thanks for all your help. I will definitely recommend u guys as the service has been first class.
S. Hussain - March 2012

I cannot praise enough the quality of your service. You have been the only company to find the correct solution to my Mercedes Satnav problem.This was done with precision and at an extremely reasonable price. Please do not hesitate to quote me.
Stefan C - Switzerland March 2012

I already receive your package and now it works fine. Thank you so much for your profesionalism and speed to send the new package.
M. Ramon Ferrer - Portugal March 2012

Just a quick note to say thanks for your help advice and patience this weekend on the phone following my attempt to fit the Ipod kit to my 2007 CLK. Thank you does not and is not enough, maybe you should make your number a premium rate!!! - Here I would gladly have paid. If you are ever in need of recommendation, please pass them my way.
G. Stephens - March 2012

Thank you for the prompt reply.....can I just say that the service from you guys is exceptional.
J. Reed - UK - February 2012

Thanks for your help and for providing an excellent service...I will spread the word!
A. Parkinson - UK - February 2012

Thanks Mark! Where would I be without your support????? Everything works perfectly, now, after your advice. Thanks again. As they say here in the US: YOU'RE THE BEST!
Claus G - USA January 2012

Thanks for the advice its worked a treat. Can't believe it one simple wire can stop the the whole thing working. Easy when you know how! Also thank you for a brilliant service not only fast delivery, but quick and accurate after service too.
James B - London January 2012

Thanks Mark. At last someone who can give a simple answer.
Jim H - Strabane - August 2011

I am very happy to tell you that my iPhone 4 cradle for my G55 has arrived, was installed and works perfectly. Thank you very much for your prompt service.
C. Grutzka - NJ USA - June 2011

"I have just ordered the disk that you advised me for. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and use your services again should I need to as your correspondance has been superb!"
D. Sinclair - June 2011

"Thanks for all your help, new antenna supplied is now in working order, also the speedy delivery along with the quick answered e-mails was much appreciated."
L. Jarrett - (June 2011)

"I can also assure you that you will be my first port of call for future purchases: outstanding support for someone who isn't even (yet) a customer."
C. Day - (June 2011)

"Hello! Fitted and fully working now, Thanks very much for your prompt and excellent advice and service."
A Chapman (May 2011)

"Just to let you know, I bought the unit from you. It arrived quickly and works perfectly. Thanks for your help. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!"
D Bainbridge (MAY 2011)

"I ordered the Mercedes IPhone 4 cradle from Comand Online Ltd. to use it in my 2005 C Class coupe that I own. It was so easy pairing the device with the cradle via Bluetooth and it took around one minute only to download the phone book with the last dialed, received and missed calls.
Perfect cradle for the IPhone 4 users."
D Khoury (May 2011)

"Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for all your help/advice my phone now works perfectly.
Thank you very much,wont hesitate to recommend your services."
Andrew Parker (May 2011)

"Returned from two days away to your parcel awaiting me. Fantastic service. ViseeO-MB-2 installed and working perfectly, VS.11 Mapping data also working a treat. Your customer service is exemplary and the help you provided during the purchasing stage to make sure I received the right kit was first class. Have already recommended you to a colleague who needs for upgrades for his CLK. Glad I found you on the net - the best bit of surfing I have ever done. Many thanks"
Paul, Liverpool (April 2011)

"Lead arrived safely today and works a treat. Comand-online officially fab. Thanks for turning this around so quickly."
Russell, Chester, (March 2011)

"I am now in receipt of the iphone 4 cradle and, as you said, it was extremely easy and quick to fit. My husband was most impressed. Thanks again for your quick response to my questions and for helping me to choose the right solution."
S. Hatch

Hi, i recently bought the new lead for my ipod and an amplifier for it too - I just would like to say the guide you gave me a link for worked brilliant and both items are installed and working fab!!!
Many thanks for your time and advice.
Phil, London

Hi Richard,
I received the MBU-1000 today what a fantastic service, it works very well with the HTC HD2 phone and set its self up straight away you have made me a very happy man.
Once again thanks for your help


"I drive approximately 35,000 miles per year and it is vital that I can use the phone legally and safely when I am driving. Comand Online provided me with first rate advice on the best Bluetooth solution to buy for my Mercedes. I have also found that their after sales service has been first rate being both fast and effective".
Lawrence Howard, Managing Director, Hands Free Computing Ltd

Hi there, i just wanted to say thank you for the W204 comand retrofit kit. Installed it on saturday no problems
Antonio, London.

"Just to say Thank You. I sent the unit back for an upgrade and it all works fine now. Now, that is service, rare commodity these days"

"Order now placed. Many thanks for your help and a painless transaction."
Michael, Eire

"Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I received the new Bluetooth unit in the post, I've installed it and it works perfectly! Thank you for all your help and the countless emails, I will definitely recommend your website and products."

"Hi, Just to say that I've recieved the unit and it's excellent. Many thanks for your assistance and rapid response."
Martin H

"A very big thank you for putting in the time to sort out the problem with my Viseeo syncing with my iPhone. It worked all the way home - so problem sorted. Your customer service is exemplary."
R. Broadbridge

"Another member of the Owners club passed me your details, explaining that you provided a very quick and helpful service, and they were spot on."
A. Preston

"Your instructions are completly correct. Navigation works and I do not know how to thank you. Experts are experts."
A. Cvar - Direktor, City Studio

"I would like to say how pleased I was to receive just the thing I wanted to replace my Command Navagation System on my Car, having no idea of which item I should chose. I received a very informative email from yourselves together with a link to the exact item I needed. I have now installed the CD and I am so pleased it is working with no problems whatsoever. Once again, thank you so much for all your help."
B. Short

"As always most helpful. I continue to recommend you to friends/colleagues who need accessories. "
P. Redford

"Many thanks to all the team for the help and advice. My ntg 2.5 is now up and working perfectly."
J. Rutherford

"Thank you for your prompt delivery, I received the disc at 12.30pm today in perfect condition. Will certainly have no hesitation in buying from you again, or recommending you to my friends."
J. Perkins

"I'm impressed by your customer focus."
G. Mitchell

"Latest Navigation DVD and iPod charger for use in an ML ordered late Thursday arrived 8:20 Saturday Morning. Order progress emails were very helpful. Clear and easy to follow website made ordering the right items child's play. First Rate Service, well done!"
M. Murray

"Thanks. That was well beyond the call of duty. Thanks to you I won't get Lost in France."
S. Strachan

"Just a note to say thank you for the service from your company and yourself.
It is a pleasure doing business with a good company, please thank your despatch department for their prompt service."
"Thanks again. I shall certainly use you for future purchases."
T. Herridge

"I must thank you for all the assistance you gave me in trying to get the disc to work and I will not hesitate to use your company in the future if the need arises."
M. Nock

"Received my order this morning thanks for the prompt despatch. Thank you for all your help and emails, I will definitely recommend your website and products.
It makes a change to deal with a company like yours that have the customers interest at heart."
Tony W.

"Let me thank you for a very helpful and professional response."
"It is such a pleasure to have companies put customers interests first and foremost"
M. Hall - London

"Thanks very much for all your help, excellent service very impressed"
G. Clay

"Just to tell you that I received the item yesterday, carefully read your instructions and fitted it in 10 mins.
All extremely satisfactory. I am delighted. The unit now functions as 'factory fitted'."
John - Vale of Glamorgan

"So thanks again, and if anyone is considering it, go the ViseeO route and spend a little more with Comandonline rather than cheaper outlets as I'm convinced that their support/advice is worth every penny."
M. Kenny

"Thanks for your help and I will be delighted to come back to you in the future."
P. Riley

"Thank you again. I believe that you guys are probably the most polite and responsive vendor I have ever experienced. "
L. Henke