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VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda Navigation Disks

Here we have genuine TomTom and Teleatlas navigation disks for your VW, Audi or Seat factory installed navigation system.

We are a TomTom automotive map distributor and there are various types of Tom Tom (formerly Teleatlas) disks, please be careful to chose the right type

DX - CD based system, each CD covers 1-2 countries. Colour Display used on many systems before 2006
E - CD based system, 1-2 countries per CD + Major Roads of Western Europe - black and white display.
EX (VX) - DVD based system, map covers all of Europe - Colour Display.
VDO-DAYTON: CD based for Phaeton's with CD based system
FX - SDcard (Europe) or CD based (Turkey/Russia) for RNS310, RNS Amundsen & SETA media System 2.0

Many, but not all, disks include TMC. (Traffic jam re-routing), the VDO Dayton disks have full post code.

The CD based systems cover 1-2 countries per CD (i.e UK + Ireland) and the DVD based systems cover the whole of Europe. Our disks do not have the Merian Scout or Michelin travelguides on them or vehicle interactive manuals (for instance in the Phaeton) but do have the absolute latest mapping data from Teleatlas.

We do NOT have Audi DVDs (i.e those covering whole of Europe).

DX compatability:
Audi [Navigation Plus RNS4.X (>12.99)/Navigation BNS4.X (in A2/A3/TT>07.01, A4>11.00, A6>05.01, A8>01.01]
Seat [DX DNS]
Volkswagen MCD (≥11.00), MFD (>01.00), MFD Touareg, T5 Multivan

E compatability:
Audi [BNS 5.0 (A3/A4/TT ≥ 06.06)]
Seat [RNS MP3 (Leon/Toledo ≥ 06.06)]
Skoda [RNS Cruise (Octavia ≥ 06.06)]
Volkswagen [RNS 300]

EX (VX) compatabilty:
Volkswagen [RNS MFD DVD in: Caddy, Eos, Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta, Passat, Passat Variant, Touran (> 05/05), RNS2 DVD in: T5 Multivan, Touareg (> 05/05)], RNS MFD DVD PQ35 and PQ46 (1K0.035.198.A, 1K0.035.198.B), RN S2 DVD VW756 (7L6.035.191.H,7L6.035.191.R), RN S2 DVD VN75X (7H0.035.191.C, 7H0.035.191.J)

VDO compatability:
Non CIQ CD based system in some Phaeton.

FX compatability:
VW RNS310, Seat media system 2.0, Skoda RNS Amumdsen

Please note that if your vehicle and navigation system type is not listed for a particular disk then it will not work. Some VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat cars use different navigation disks that we do not sell. If you purchase the wrong disk and open it it can not be returned.

  SKU Product Our Price
TA-UK-DX-1314 TomTom / Teleatlas DX UK & Ireland 2013-2014 with Major Roads of Western Europe + Merian scout guide £99.00
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£16.50)
TA-EE-E-14 TomTom / Teleatlas E Eastern Europe 2014 with TMC & Major Roads of Western Europe £124.99
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£20.83)
TA-FR-E-14 TomTom / Teleatlas E France 2014 with TMC & Major Roads of Western Europe £124.99
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£20.83)
TA-UK-E-14 TomTom / Teleatlas E UK & Ireland 2014 with TMC & Major Roads of Western Europe £124.99
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£20.83)
TA-EUR-EX-17 TomTom / Teleatlas EX (VX) 2017 Europe DVD for VW Cars & Vans £169.00
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£28.17)
TA-EE-FX-14 TomTom / Teleatlas FX Eastern Europe incl Russia 2014 £169.00
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£28.17)
TA-EU-FX-14 TomTom / Teleatlas FX Europe SD-Card 2014 £169.00
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£28.17)
TA-TR-FX-14 TomTom / Teleatlas FX Turkey 2014 £124.99
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£20.83)
TA-EUR-VDO-DVD-1415 VDO Dayton Europe DVD for Various BMW and VW vehicles £126.00
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£21.00)
TA-EUR-VDO-1415 VDO Dayton Europe Map set (10 CDs) 2014/2015 £126.00
Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£21.00)