The in2digi D-MB-2 integrated DAB/DAB+ system is for NTG 2.5, NTG3, NTG4, NTG4-W212 and NTG4.5 cars with the COMAND (colour satnav) system and the Audio-20 with inbuilt CD Changer, and cars with Audio-20 that have Harmon Kardon and/or Media Interface, and the Audio-50-APS. It fully integrates with the system and is used through the menus on the audio system in the same way that the factory DAB tuner does.

It can be used to replace the Mercedes DAB tuner (if you have DAB) so as to add DAB+ capability as more and more DAB+ stations are added.

DAB/DAB+ Band III and DMB supported.

It is fully digital from the transmission all the way to the car's amplifier, so the sound quality is exceptional.

This system drives a 7.2-volt antenna, we recommend you order the optional windscreen antenna or contact us about parts for installing the factory antenna amplifier (vehicle dependent).


Inc. VAT @ 20.00 %  (£66.50)

Weight: 1.00 kg

Fibre optic length: