Bluetooth Adapter Updates


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Firmware Upgrade for Mercedes Benz Phone Cradles
Firmware Software Upgrade service for Mercedes Benz Phone cradles.

Certain Mercedes phone cradles can have their firmware updated using special Mercedes tools. We have access to those tools and can update the firmware in the cradles.

Please note that you should contact us before ordering as there are only updates for a few cradles.

There are updates for Mercedes iPhone 4/3G/3GS cradles, Mercedes SAP V2 cradles, Mercedes E66/E71 cradles, Nokia 6700 Classic cradle, Nokia 6300 cradle.
Our price: £49.00
including VAT 20.00% ( £8.17 )
You can specify a number from 1 to 975.
Firmware Upgrade for ViseeO
Firmware Software Upgrade for ViseeO MBU1000 and MBU2000.

If you purchased your ViseeO MBU-1000 or MBU-2000 from another source, or your warranty has run out, or all was working unitl you bought a new phone that needs a cradle firmware upgrade then we will upgrade the software on the two internal processors (bluetooth software and main CPU software) to the latest version for you.

Please note we charge to attempt the update, if your cradle is broken or already as the latest available firmware (which may mean no firmware is available for your particular cradle) there will be no refund as we still have to do the same amount of work.

Please also note that flashing older adapters can result in permanent failure of the adapter due to internal FLASH memory failure. Updates are therefore done at the customer's risk.

When going through the checkout, please remember that if you choose UK 1st Class Recorded postage for the ViseeO to be returned to you, it will not be insured, and if it is lost you will only be entitled to approximately 41 compensation from the Post office. We recommend Special Delivery for UK postage, which will fully insure your ViseeO.

Once you have paid, please send the cradle to the address on the invoice that is emailed to you.
Our price: £36.00
including VAT 20.00% ( £6.00 )
You can specify a number from 1 to 915945.